Chulha „Low Smoke Stove“ Project – Laos

This films and images are about a health project my friend Toon Dewerchin did in Laos. In 2010 he started a Chulha low smoke stove project in Xieng Khuang province, in the north of the country. People there cooking on open fire inside their houses and polluting themselves the air they breathe. 1,6 million people die each year in developing countries all over the world because of the smoke in their houses.

The Chulha stove is an easy to build and modular solution designed by Philips design. You can build it nearly anywhere, it has a chimney of course and you can save up to 50% of wood because it’s much more efficient than the traditional open fire.

My special thanks goes to to my friend Toon, who helped me out as an assistent and was my protagonist in my interview about the Chulha project in Laos and how it started. My friend Xeng Xong was helping me a lot, doing the Lao translations for most of the interviews. Ms. Somphan Sysouphanthong, who is working in Muang Kham hospital, helped me to translate the interview of Dr. Thongbai Syhalat. My good old mate Michael Schagerl was great help, going through all my translations and correcting it. Thanks a lot to all of you! Last but not least, a huge thank you to Vayeng for producing and installing a Chulha for purpose of filming during a quite busy time for him.

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